Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

In what is quickly becoming a Halloween tradition, I headed to Silva and Felipe's apartment for some pumpkin carving. I do not actually carve a pumpkin as I always seem to have one dog or another with me and carrying a pumpkin while walking a dog (or dogs) is a challenge I think I will pass on. But nevertheless, I have a lot of fun watching everyone else carve their pumpkins. But I am getting ahead of myself!

This was Josie's first major outing into the city beyond my neighborhood. Here she is sitting on the foot bridge that goes over a major highway.

After making our way across the foot bridge, we headed for the subway station. I was glad that once we were inside the station, we had some time to just hang out before the train came (a rare thing to wish the train did not come!). A train arrived on the other side of the platform, which was great as it allowed Josie to hear the sound of the train but not have it directly in front of her. Josie waited very patiently.

I worked really hard with Josie the first few weeks that I had her to teach her to "close," as it is a very useful command when on a subway. She did "close" almost perfectly but as the train ride went on, she gradually scooted over to one side. We will have to work on this.

After we got off the subway, we stopped at the corner of W. 57th Street and Broadway, right in the heart of midtown Manhattan, for a nice photo of Josie with traffic whizzing by behind her.

After a nice walk through the city (with near perfect loose leash walking I might add!), we finally arrived at Silva & Felipe's.

The pumpkin carving commenced, along with watching The Shining (red rum!). It was a great Halloween with some spectacular pumpkins! Josie agreed to put on her Halloween costume for a few minutes to get a nice Halloween photo. She was a moose (with a very tempermental head!).

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Halloween!!

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