Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Frito and I celebrated Halloween a day early this year at a pumpkin carving party hosted by Silva & Felipe. Several people brought pumpkins, as well as some great pumpkin carving ideas, and the end result was five really great looking pumpkins. I decided not to carve a pumpkin as it would be a challenge hauling a pumpkin around on the subways plus Frito. Frito seemed to enjoy herself - I caught her nose in the air several times trying to get a whiff of the pumpkin goodness.

The get-together was a great experience for Frito as it was her first time being inside a relatively small space with a lot of new people. She did pretty good staying by me, although the pumpkins made her curious enough to "table surf" a few times but by the end of the evening she was passed out on the floor asleep. She did not seem to interested in posing for a picture but Silva managed to get a pretty nice shot (with a pumpkin nicely carved by Felipe).

Happy Halloween to all from Frito and me!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fun with Filo

Frito was one of eleven puppies born to her parents (Diva & Yuri). Two of Frito's siblings are also in the NYC puppy raising region, which I believe is the most puppies from one litter in one region. Frito's sister, Fanta, is a black lab that is being raised by a family in Queens who have already raised two dogs (I think). One of them is a working guide dog and the other is in training. Frito's brother, Filo, is also a black lab and is being raised by a lady who lives in midtown. This week Julia is puppy sitting for Filo so of course we had to get them together to play. Although Filo is stockier than Frito (and a different color, of course), there are definitely a lot of similarities in their looks. They seemed to recognize each other and immediately upon seeing each other, they were wrestling and chasing each other around the dog park. I tried to get some pictures of the two of them together but getting two 5-month old puppies to sit still next to each other for more than 1/2 second is quite the challenge. Here are a few of the somewhat blurry pictures I managed to capture.

Meet Filo:

We are brother and sister - do you honestly expect us to sit NEXT to one another??!

Just like children - if you give one a treat, you have to give a treat to the other.